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With more than 25 years of experience in the development and manufacture of products for the pharma & cosmetics industry, at Entema Laboratories, third-party manufacturers of cosmetic, sanitary, hygiene, antiseptic and food supplement products, we have accompanied our clients through the most important processes for the commercialization of their brands.

Formulating sensations

Passion for creation

At Entema Laboratories, we not only manufacture products; rather, we provide service and innovation that offers experiences to our clients. We take care of details and innovation in each part of the formulation process. Our R&D team dedicates all its passion to the creation of any product in each project.

Creating experiences

Custom manufacturing

We put at your disposal more than 25 years of experience as product manufacturers, tailor made and guaranteeing quality throughout the process. We are committed to cutting-edge technologies and the guarantee that our team of experts provide.


Our differential value

The high quality and safety indexes that we provide are given by the traceability of all our processes, materials, and materials.

Know how

Our factory, your team


We are committed to cutting-edge technology, ensuring high performance with the highest level of quality.


The guarantee of a great team of experts to work in all the processes and areas that accompany our clients.

Our own laboratory

We have our own laboratory with permanent investment in creativity and new product development.


More than 10,000m2 spread across several floors distributed in different work areas.

All our processes are endorsed by the certifications


Product expertise





Zoosanitary & Veterinary

Global presence

Our factory, your team

Our main objective is to continue collaborating with our clients and give them our support for a greater presence and international recognition through the brands that they commercialize in various sectors.

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