General policy

At Laboratorios Entema we have established a General Policy with which we assume the commitment to generate trust in our customers, for this all the people who are part of Laboratorios Entema must know and share this Policy, as well as promote it and avoid actions and behaviors contrary to it. For this purpose, we have based ourselves on criteria of customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, environmental preservation and continuous improvement. Concepts such as continuous improvement, competitiveness, and sustainability have been integrated into our decision-making process, so that we can offer our customers a service that meets their expectations, making the development of our activity compatible with the conservation of the environment, not compromising the quality of life of future generations, as well as promoting sustainable development. The qualities that we must prioritize are quality, service, and product safety. To this end, Laboratorios Entema has defined and implemented a Quality and Food Safety Management System and the following commitments to comply with the requirements and to maintain the effectiveness and improvement of the system: In ENTEMA we comply with the legislation and regulations applicable to our activity, our staff and our facilities, in terms of quality, environment, safety, and health of workers and social responsibility.
  • ENTEMA recognizes that employee participation, training, and information are essential to achieve the objectives expressed in this policy, encouraging active participation to achieve a work environment in which dialogue and cooperation are the tools for consolidation and growth.
  • ENTEMA is attentive to the information provided by the environment and our customers to help us achieve our projects successfully and meet the expectations of our customers.
  • At ENTEMA we maintain a permanent dialogue with our customers and suppliers, in order to obtain mutually beneficial relationships by sharing our concern for quality and the improvement of our processes and the products we produce for our customers.


To comply with this policy, at Entema Laboratories we set ourselves and assume the following priorities:

Health Risk Prevention The preservation of people’s health and dignity will always have priority over any other consideration, of any kind, and the elimination of risks will be sought in all processes to achieve safe and respectful working conditions.

We understand quality as the capacity of the services provided by Laboratorios Entema to fully satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients, controlling and managing efficiently all the processes, ensuring their quality, service, efficiency and safety.

Through its business model, Laboratorios Entema aims to contribute to the sustainable development of society and its environment. Its commitment to the environment means that it promotes internally the principles of respect and compliance with current legislation, as well as the integration of the concepts of minimization and environmentally friendly management in all processes, from product development to manufacturing.

In order to achieve all of the above, our actions will be aimed at:
  • To increase and motivate the competence of the people who are part of Laboratorios Entema.
  • Promote the efficiency of our organization, optimizing our activities and resources in accordance with the described objectives.
  • To attend and manage the needs and requirements of our clients, taking into account their satisfaction and the legal and regulatory requirements of the Public Administration.
  • The promotion of an innovative and customer-oriented corporate culture.
  • Acting ethically and honestly as a basis for compliance with Laboratorios Entema’s principles of business conduct, which define the way of acting of the people who are part of Laboratorios Entema, acting in accordance with laws and internal policies.


Ensuring compliance with these priorities together with a commitment to continuous improvement ensures our core commitment: Satisfying our current and future customers is our main commitment. To this end, the Management of Laboratorios Entema is committed to review this policy annually and to make the necessary adjustments to the Quality and Food Safety Management System to ensure that its compliance with legal requirements is maintained, that safe and high quality products continue to be produced and that the effectiveness of the system is continuously improved, as well as to communicate it understandably throughout the organization and promote it among its customers and suppliers. Martí Ayats Chief Executive Officer Laboratorios Entema